Spunbond Filter

Firstly, spunbond filter is a type of non-woven material that can be printed with flat embossed and motifs embossed. Manufacturer can use spunbond to filter water, air and powder. Moreover, this product is available in polyester with a weight range of 12-160 grams/m2 with a roll width of up to 2400 mm. Moreover, these sepecification allows us to meet market demands. Nonwoven often referred to as “engineered” fabrics. Nonwoven fabrics have also become a major component in a wide variety of products ranging from filtration, furniture, geotextiles, automotive, building construction, agriculture, apparel and more.

Spunbond Filter Function

In addition, Hadtex provides a fine spunbond filter in a flat embossed version and motif embossed into an excellent filtration medium. The rigidity provided by polyester is easy to fold in a wide variety of pleating equipment and strength. Polyester can hold against heat resistance even though it is up to 256 degrees Celsius.

This spunbond can filter air, water such as milk or oil, and powder such as powder and flour. This spunbond filter can be used in items such as air conditioning, ducting, vacuum cleaners. Moreover, spunbond filter can also filter oil, coffee, milk and flour.

Spunbond Filter adalah jenis bahan bukan tenunan yang dapat dicetak dengan emboss flat dan emboss motif yang dapat di gunakan untuk memfilter air, udara dan bubuk.

Produk ini tersedia dalam bahan polyester dengan kisaran berat 12 – 160 gram / m2 dengan lebar gulungan hingga 2400 mm. Nonwoven sering disebut sebagai kain “rekayasa”. Kain spunbond nonwoven telah menjadi komponen utama dalam berbagai produk yang beragam mulai dari filtrasi , perabotan, geotekstil, otomotif, konstruksi bangunan, pertanian, pakaian jadi, dan lainnya.

PT. Hadtex menyediakan spunbond filter poliester serat halus dalam versi polos dan emboss motif menjadi yang dapat media filtrasi yang sangat baik. Kekakuan yang diberikan oleh poliester mudah dilipat pada berbagai macam peralatan lipit dan kekuatan terhadap ketahanan panas  meskipun hingga 256 derajat celcius.

Spunbond Filter ini dapat menyaring udara, cairan seperti susu atau minyak, dan bubuk seperti bedak dan terigu. Spunbond Filter ini dapat di gunakan di barang seperti AC, Ducting, Vacuum cleaner. Selain itu dapat digunakan untuk menyaring minyak, kopi, susu, dan terigu

About Hadtex

Hadtex is also a leading manufacturer of PET spunbond (green screen), rPET fiber , PET flakes and rPET spun yarn products. Moreover, Hadtex’s mission is to improve customer’s products and increase their value. With a global footprint, people can also find Hadtex’s products domestically across Indonesia and internationally. Furthermore, please go to for more information .

# Hadtex factory / manufacturer & also supplier company of spunbond fabric ( goody bag), RPET / PET fiber / dacron & also recycled spun polyester yarn,textile Indonesia. Hadtex perusahaan , pabrik, distributor & supplier jual kain nonwoven ( non woven ) polyester spunbond untuk automotif, goody bag, APD (Alat Pelindung Diri). Pabrik fiber / dacron / kapas daur ulang, PET flakes. Pabrik spun yarn /benang spun recycled / sewing thread daur ulang murah . Perusahaan, pabrik distributor, supplier kain non woven spunbond / kain keras / laken . Perusahaan benang polyester / recycled sewing thread, polyester daur ulang (recycled). Pabrik jual Alat Pelindung Diri, cacahan botol , kapas polyester daur ulang murah.

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