Production processes

  Experience is the main key. We apply a well-trained & skilled production team to produce our products.

Continuous improvement
  Hadtex continuously improves & innovates production processes, products and technology.

Sustainable raw material and resources
  Hadtex is specialized in the production of recycled polyester from textile waste and PET bottles. We have taken the challenge to tackle the wasteful nature of the fashion industry and the exhaustion of finite resources by recycling waste materials into new fibers, hence supporting the acceleration towards a more circular industry.

  Our own nonwoven spunbond in-house waste can be reutilized as raw material feedstock for our recycled polyester staple fiber production. We keep innovating to ensure our raw materials are sustainable.

Production efficiency
  We optimize the usage of water, electricity, and other resources by reducing unnecessary consumption. As a result, this has helped us to become more economically competitive.

Collaborate with experts and external agencies
  Hadtex collaborates with experts and external agencies for consultation, training and development. We put a strong focus on research and development to continuously achieve more sustainable production processes and improvement of our product range and services.

Wastewater Treatment
  The commitment of Hadtex for environmental sustainability is fully aligned with our efforts for achieving a zero-waste production. We recycle our liquid waste using a wastewater treatment system. Wastewater treatment involves the recovery or reclamation of water from wastewater for non- profitable use, which can be supplied back to the water system.