Recycled Spun Yarn

White rPET-Spun Yarn

rPET spun yarn is the latest product development from Hadtex. rPET spun yarn is a recycled polyester yarn. rPET spunyarn is made from 100% recycled polyester or recycled polyester combined with other types of fibers such as cotton (T/C) or rayon (T/R)

rPET spun yarn is a kind of yarn made by gathering together a bundle of the staple fibers by spinning the spindles at a very high speed to twist the staples together to make a cohesive thread to form a piece of yarn. We continuosly develop our products to fulfill the market needs.

  • Color : white, black, grey, misty, blue, red, green
  • Yarn count : 10 – 30 S
  • Application : knitting, weaving, etc
rPET Spun Yarn

Hadtex works with other third parties,leading the change to a more sustainable future. Furthermore,Hadtex collaborates with third party to produce recycled polyester (rPET) spun yarn. Those spun yarn can be made into fabrics which is raw material for apparel, home textile and upholstery as well.

Examples of fabrics which is made from Hadtex spun yarn :

Apparels made of Hadtex spun yarn :