Hadtex produces high quality products while mitigating any potential effects to the environment. Sustainability is the key driver of our growth strategy.

Sustainable raw material
  Hadtex makes recycled polyester fiber from textile and PET bottles waste. Our nonwoven spunbond post industrial waste can be recycled as raw material for recycled polyester staple fiber. We continuously innovate to ensure a more sustainable basic raw material.
  Furthermore, Hadtex also maximize the sustainability of material generated during the production processes. As a result, our raw material consumption is also optimized for a more sustainable environment. We keeps innovating to reduce material use and waste.

Traceability and Transparency
  Traceability is vital for a sustainable textile industry. At Hadtex we demonstrate transparency through the application of a QR code technology that enables ourcustomers to track the origin of the product and supply chain related information.

Innovation & Continuous Improvement
We establish best practices for a continuous product innovation.