Company Profile & History

Hadtex ( PT. Hasil Damai Textile ) is a leading manufcaturer, supplier and exporter of PET nonwoven spunbond, polyester regenerated staple fiber, PET flakes and rPET spun yarn. We have supplied our products to several areas in Indonesia. Hadtex supplies the local Indonesian market as well as the global markets. We have exported our products to Africa ( Egypt & Kenya), America ( Canada, Mexico, United States), Asia (Bangladesh, China, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam), Australia and Europe ( French, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Denmark, Austria).

Located in Bandung, Indonesia. Hadtex always showcases quality with competitive prices. Hadtex is highly committed in manufacturing high quality products and services. Hadtex conduct strict quality control to ensure a high quality standar of our nonwoven products. With an emphasis on experiences and market know-how, Hadtex has gained the reputation as a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of nonwoven products.

Hadtex manufactures an exclusive range of nonwoven products. Our products can be used for automotive, filtration, bedding, roofing, carpet, geotextiles, fiber making, polyester recycle chips, molding purpose, etc. Hadtex develops and manufactures products tailored individually to specific needs of our customers.

company profile

Mr & Mrs Hidjaja 1973

company profile

1973 Established PT. Harapan Djaja Empat Saudara by Mr Hartanto Hidjaja (Mr. Xu Chen Hua)
1990 Hadtex evolved to be one of the largest integrated polyester textile manufacture in Indonesia with a corporate name of Panasia Group
2004 Obtained ISO 9001 certificate
2011 Split the company with a new separated entity company name PT. Hasil Damai Textile (Hadtex)
2012 Installation of new technology rPET Staple Fiber
2014 Installation of additional production line for rPet Staple Fiber
2014 Establishment of internal PET Bottle crushing and hot washing plant
2017 Installation of new rPET staple fiber production line for automotive and highly specialized fiber grade
2017 Renewed ISO 9001-2015 certificate
2017 Obtained ISO 14001 certificate
2018 Obtained Global Recycled Standard and Oeko-tex certificate
2019 Began staple fiber production for spun yarn
2019 Additional 8400 tons annual capacity of rPET staple fiber
2020 Began production of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), mask, Poly PPE spunbond material for Personal Protective Equipment and Poly PPE spunbond material for mask
2021 Launched Hecoprima as sustainable fiber for textile
2022 Partnered with brands such as Eiger, Arei and Triset to create sustainable fashion products made from Hecoprima fiber