Spunbond Green Screen Applications

Firstly, shooting a film or taking photo using a green screen has been widely used since 19th century. Spunbond green screen technique involves filming a person / subject in front of a solid color. After that, the editor can digitally keying out / removing the background color using chroma key. However, this techniques use layers of images.

In addition, after removing the solid (green) background screen color, the editor can put the expected scene for the background during the post production. Furthermore, photographer / videographer can also use spunbond nonwoven for green screen purpose. As a result, people use nonwoven spunbond green screen for different purpose such as photography, zoom meeting, youtube, film making, video making, etc.

Why people called it as green screen?

Photographer / video editor named it as green screen because there is a large green screen on the set. However, why people choose green color as screen? It is simply because it is one of the least color worn by subject in the images. Moreover, editor uses green screen/ backdrops to completely surround the object so it can be replaced with desired scene. However, the background has to be a complete different color with the foreground / subject. If the subject is wearing the same shirt color as the spunbond green screen, the subject’s shirt will become transparent as well.

Moreover, news crew also uses a green screen. During this covid 19 pandemic situation, many people widely uses spunbond green screen for zoom meeting purpose, and youtube video making as well. Recent post production software has make it easier to use chroma key effects for green screen background. Many projects can also use a portable nonwoven spunbond green screen. Nonwoven spunbond green screen previously are stretched to eliminate wrinkles in the screen.

About Hadtex

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