What Is Recycled Polyester Sewing Thread?

recycled polyester sewing thread
recycled polyester sewing thread

Recycled polyester sewing thread is widely used recently. Thread is a long, thin strand of cotton, nylon, or other fibers used in sewing or weaving. Moreover, thread is also a filament, a group of filaments twisted together, or a filamentous length formed by spinning and twisting short textile fibers into a continuous strand. Manufacturer makes spun polyester sewing threads from the twisting of small polyester staple fibers together to create a long thread.  Manufacturer can make 100% recycled PET sewing thread from post-consumer plastic bottles. The environmental impact of producing recycled PET fabric / sewing thread is much lower than it is for virgin PET fibers. The production of recycled polyester uses 76% less energy and emits 71% less CO2 and reuses water.

Manufacturer can make sewing threads from natural or synthetic fibers

However, factory can make threads either from a natural fiber (cotton, wool, silk, linen) or synthetic fibers (rayon, polyester, nylon). The higher the quality of the thread, the less special handling will be required. Poor quality thread has much lint and breaks easily. However, there are several thread construction methods. For instance, bonded thread, spun thread, corespun thread, textured thread, filament thread and monofilament thread. Moreover, there are several characteristics of thread :

  • Weight
  • Fiber. Types of fibers are natural and synthetic.
  • Color
  • Twist. A higher amount of twist means the thread is tougher and smoother.

About Hadtex

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