Nonwoven Spunbond for Automotive

Polyester spunbond is a nonwoven fabric with excellent physical and chemical properties. It is also widely used for various kinds of industrial materials. For instance, spunbond products are variously used in automotive industry , disposable and medical applications, filtration, civil engineering, packaging application (goody bag), carpet backing applications, geotextiles, durable papers, bedding, pillows, furnishings, green screen / video editing purpose, etc. In the future, the consumption of spunbond fabrics is expected to continue to grow in both durable and disposable products. As a result, spunbond for automotive must deliver a high value to a wide spectrum of components and functions.

nonwoven spunbond for automotive
nonwoven spunbond for automotive

Automotive factory commonly uses polyester spunbond

Hadtex manufacture polyester / PET based nonwoven spunbond for automotive application. Moreover, automotive factory commonly uses polyester spunbond because they can customize it easily for different purposes. Factory can mold and contour polyester spunbond to fit almost all interior and other complex surfaces. Appearance and specification of polyester spunbond serve both technical and aesthetic needs. High tensile strength properties and uniform fiber distribution are advantages of polyester / PET spunbond for automotive industry. Moreover, polyester spunbond has a high resistance to tear and puncture. Nonwoven spunbond is a cost effective material for the automotive industry as it provide a same coverage performance while having a less weight at the same time.

Above all, automotive industry see a weight reduction as a real benefit. Moreover, automotive market is a unique sector that demands an equally unique approach to business and product development. As a result, this is part of the automotive industry’s push for greater sustainability, vehicles and components need to be lighter and more efficient. As a result, spun bond is mainly used in the automotive industry. Hadtex understand that as lightweight components continue to be in high demand, Hadtex also have to keep the quality and performance of its product.

Application of nonwoven spunbond

Automotive factory can use polyester spunbond for :

  • Acoustic and thermal insulation purpose
  • Cabin air ( automotive ) filter
  • Door panel and trim backing
  • Floor covers backing substrate
  • Hood liners and Headliners (facings and backing substrates)
  • Motor oil filter
  • Reinforcement layer
  • Sit cover slip sheets
  • Secondary carpet backings
  • Transmission oil filter
  • Tufted carpet under padding
  • etc

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